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ຈາກ ວິກິພີເດຍ

Hi Ahoerstemeier. Can you tell me how to add the content box in newly created page? I also want to create some kind of template page for use as start page of each category. Thank you for your help. (Tuinui ໐໙:໐໗, ໑ February ໒໐໐໗ (UTC))

Not sure what you actually mean - do you mean like those two boxes visible at en:Category:Geology? That is rather easy, the main task is to translate the content of those boxes. I can copy the wikitext of these en:Help:Templates from the english wikipedia and make it work here for you, so you can continue with the actual translation then. Or do you refer to the infoboxes, those quick look fact boxes in the upper right of an article, e.g. in en:Xiangkhoang Province. Those can be done by tables or by templates as well. Ahoerstemeier ໐໙:໓໔, ໑ February ໒໐໐໗ (UTC)
I mean the content box that appears somewhere on the top left of pages which has hide button next to the word content which you can click to show and hide it. My talk page also has this fuction. Someone must have done this for me. Two other questions for now. Is it possible to add pictures in other language version without uploading that to Lao version first? Can you tranlate menu on the left using data on my talk page(I wonder if you have the authority to do so)? Thank you again. (Tuinui ໐໙:໕໖, ໑ February ໒໐໐໗ (UTC)).
Ah, you mean the table of contents. That one automatically show when the article has at least four section headers, lines with == Caption ==. You can enforce it to be shown for shorter articles as well by putting __FORCETOC__ anywhere in the article, or with __NOTOC__ disable it. But in any case the article needs to have sections, otherwise the table of contents cannot show anything, so it's no wonder it does not show yet in those short starting articles.
For photos - yes, you can use all those photos stored on Commons:, which is a separate Wiki containing all the language-independent and really free images, sounds etc. On en: there are some copyrighted images under the fair use policy, however I'd recommend only using free images here. As an example of using images take a look at ກະສວຍອາວະກາດ, that photo is from commons and used in several language editions of Wikipedia already.
I am not sure how to apply those translations, IIRC it is done with some special pages which only an admin can edit. Currently the only admin here is User:Waerth who sadly is not much active on Wikipedia anymore. I am just a normal user here, I have admin rights on en: and th: however. Ahoerstemeier ໑໐:໑໖, ໑ February ໒໐໐໗ (UTC)
Thanks a lot!!! For you info I have already leave a message on talk page of User:Waerth about the translation. ( ໑໑:໔໑, ໑ February ໒໐໐໗ (UTC))
I am not very active indeed. But I still read messages on my talkpage. It seems it is your lucky day as the stewards forgot to take away my sysop rights on the Laotian wikipedia! Even though I had requested to be desysopped everywhere! I will fullfill your request this weekend. And I think that if you are pretty active here you should become sysop. As you can read Laotian and I cannot :(. And unfortunately my girlfriend from Udon who could read it and I have broken up after 3,5 years. With kind regards from Bangkok, Waerth ໑໖:໕໘, ໑ February ໒໐໐໗ (UTC)

How to change font size of intewiki links[ດັດແກ້]

Hi Ahoerstemeier. The font size of interwiki links near bottom of main page is rather big and overlap one another. Is there any way to ix this? Thank you in advance. (Tuinui ໐໒:໓໑, ໓ February ໒໐໐໗ (UTC))

You have to edit Template:Wikipedialang, as that one is included with the {{Wikipedialang}} in Main Page. However for me they look OK, probably this is a font issue as on the other hand I don't see any Lao character, just those ugly boxes. แอนดี้ ໑໒:໕໖, ໕ February ໒໐໐໗ (UTC)
Thank you. You are right the size is okay on one computer and not on the other. That goes the same for the boxes. (Tuinui ໐໑:໑໗, ໖ February ໒໐໐໗ (UTC))

About moving Main Page[ດັດແກ້]

Hi Ahoerstemeier. Is it okay if I move "main_page" to "ໜ້າຫຼັກ" (main page in Lao)? Thank you very much.(Tuinui ໑໑:໑໐, ໑໒ February ໒໐໐໗ (UTC))

About linking to image to wiki in other language[ດັດແກ້]

Hi Ahoerstemeier, I will also try to look for the answer at FAQ myself but allow me to ask. Why sometime it is not possible to directly link to image in other language like in http://lo.wikipedia.org/wiki/ເສັ້ນໂຄ້ງບໍ່ຈຳແນກ Thank you (Tuinui ໐໒:໔໙, ໑໗ ພຶດສະພາ ໒໐໐໗ (UTC))

One cannot include images from other language editions. However those images which are stored at commons: can be used in all language editions (and also the sister wikimedia projects like wikibooks or wikinews) - so if you see such a image used in the english article it seems like the english picture also works here. If look closely at the image description you'll see the text from MediaWiki:Sharedupload inserted into the image description. In theory only images which are not free (but fair use), or are only relevant for one language, should be uploaded to the language edition only, everything else should go to commons. แอนดี้ ໐໗:໒໓, ໑໘ ພຶດສະພາ ໒໐໐໗ (UTC)
Hi แอนดี้. Thank you very much as usual. I would look for what can be used when translating (or sometime composing) new article at commons: or create one myself when needed (Tuinui ໐໗:໓໕, ໑໘ ພຶດສະພາ ໒໐໐໗ (UTC))