Choi Seung Hyun

ຈາກ ວິກິພີເດຍ
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  • ຊື່ໃນວົງການ: Tae Yang 태양
  • ຊື່ແທ້: Dong Young Bae 동영배
  • ຫນ້າທີໃນວົງ Big Bang : ນັກຮ້ອງ
  • ໃນລະຫວ່າງ: "YB" with a crown over it. ("To become the best in the music industry")
  • ວັນເດືອນປີເກິດ : ພຶດສະພາ 18, 1988
  • ລວງສູງ : 174cm
  • ນ້ຳຫນັກ : 56kg
  • ກຸບເລືອດ : AB
  • ການສືກສາ: Daejin University in Theater & Film (starting in 2008)
  • ສະມາຊິກຄອບຄົວ : ພໍ່ເມ່ &ອ້າຍ (Hyun Bae)
  • ຄວາມສາມາດພິເສດ : Rapping, dancing, beat boxing, singing, & foreign languages (Japanese & Chinese).
  • ກູິດຈະກຳເວລາວ່າງ : Gardening, listening to music, & watching TV
  • ບຸກຄະລິກ : Does his best in everything, over-achiever.Doesn’t like to fight, he talks about his problem with the opponent.He listens to you well and thinks about what he isgoing to say before he says anything.
  • ມັກ : church, summer, clothes, games, and mangas.
  • ນັກຮ້ອງທີມັກ : Usher, Omarion, Justin Timberlake


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